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Our "Mombie Coffee": Featured in "O, The Oprah Magazine" December 2019 Favorite Things Issue

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Upside Grounds Beans

Upside Grounds beans are grown by women in Honduras who are given the land as an opportunity to get them back on their feet. Our growers are survivors of abusive marriages/relationships and they are starting new lives for themselves and their children.


To honor our growers and women we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to a local shelter for abused women.

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I am a mom of four beautiful, high-energy children.  Three of which are triplets.  I love them dearly, I mom so hard 24-7, and work full-time, all while trying to maintain a reasonably (this is different to each person mind you) healthy lifestyle.


I have survived as a MOMbie off of coffee for the last 13 years. Coffee is part of my everyday life… it may even be the only reason I am still alive.  As my obsession developed for coffee, I started thinking about how all coffees feel the same.  I wanted to change this.  What if coffee could somehow help me recover from the woes of daily life or bring my body some of the nourishment it needs?


After years of research I began fortifying coffee beans with electrolytes – and thus our first flavor was born: "Mombie".​  I spent many hours in my kitchen using an air popcorn machine to roast my beans and trying to find a way to add the electrolytes. 


I no longer roast my own beans.  I found a roaster whose values align with mine to roast the coffee for me and here we are today!

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Upside Grounds coffee fortifies your body and soul.  We enhance our coffee with real nutrients, giving you an added benefit to the caffeine boost you crave.  Our growers are chosen as much for their stories as for their beans. And it tastes great too—we spend time ensuring the taste is 100% coffee.  

Our Goal is Simple: To make coffee that does MORE. There is an "upside" story behind each bag of coffee. Upside Grounds is empathetic, audacious, honest and fun. 

The creator of Upside Grounds believes it is important to set aside time to focus on yourself, even if it is only 15 minutes in the morning to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

If you are a routine rebel seeking a more meaningful charge without losing your momentum, this coffee is for you!



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