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Most coffee plantations are owned by men or drug cartels.  We chose to go a different route. MOMbie beans are grown by women in Honduras who are given the land as an opportunity to get them back on their feet. The MOMbie growers are survivors of abusive marriages/relationships and they are starting new lives for themselves and their children.


To honor our MOMbie growers and women we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to a local shelter for abused women.

Responsibly Sourced

The Story behind

Our Coffee 

I am an overworked, tired (make that exhausted), mom of four beautiful high-energy children.  Three of which are triplets.  I love them dearly, I mom so hard 24-7, and work full-time, all while trying to maintain a reasonably (this is different to each person mind you) healthy lifestyle.


I have survived as a MOMbie off of coffee’s life-giving nectar for the last ten years.  Coffee is part of my everyday life… it may even be the only reason I am still alive.  As my love-affair developed for coffee (maybe even turned into an unhealthy obsession – although NO restraining orders have been filed) my curiosity was peaked.  “How are you made, you beautiful beast?”


Armed with google, an unquenchable thirst, and a need to be more “one” with my life-blood, I began to roast green coffee beans at home.  I was astounded by the flavor difference.  I thought, “can I fall even more in love with you coffee?”


The answer was yes!  As I mastered my at-home roasting I began to look into ways to connect with my coffee love affair. One day while with friends, the epiphany struck.  What if coffee could some how help me wake up while it helped me recover from the woes of daily life, a tough work out, a minor hang over, or just bring my body some of the nourishment it needs.


After years of research I began fortifying coffee beans with electrolytes – and thus MOMbie was born.... and orders from my friends couldn’t be quenched fast enough.

I found a roaster whose values align with mine and here we are today!

Our Business

Philosophy & More



Do good while making our consumers feel good. Empower women (and men) during their weakest moments.

Keys in Selecting our Roasting Partner


  • Quality and taste

  • The ability to utilize our proprietary formulation in production

  • A solid sense of community and responsible sourcing

  • An innovative and collaborative spirit

  • Regional presence



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