Five 3 oz. Bags of MOMbie Coffee; each bag is $3.60.  Each bag makes up to two large pots of coffee!


MOMbie (N):

A distinct blend for exhausted, overworked, underappreciated women.  Fortified with electrolytes to help you through a hangover, workout, playdate, volunteer appointment, tough meeting or 3,000 diaper.


MOMbie Beans

Most coffee plantations are owned by men or drug cartels.  We chose to go a different route. MOMbie beans are grown by women in Honduras who are given the land as an opportunity to get them back on their feet.  The MOMbie growers are survivors of abusive marriages/relationships and they are starting new lives for themselves and their children.


To honor our MOMbie growers and women we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to a local shelter for abused women.

3 oz. MOMbieCoffee (ground): 5 bags in package

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